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WBRS is pleased to present the Spring 2005 schedule for the Joint, our weekly live music show. Shows are broadcast every Tuesday night from 10-midnight live on air.

All shows are held in the multi-purpose room of the Shapiro Campus Center and are free, all ages, and open to the public.

For live music and booking inquiries please email Sheryl, booking (at)

February 1st - Caged Heat

February 8th - No show tonight, see you next week!

February 15th- Caroline Gulde

February 22nd- Amalgam

March 1st - Humanwine

March 8th - The Sixfifteens (from NY)

March 15th - Amun Ra

March 22nd - The Accident// Raianne

March 29th - Via Audio

April 5th - Leo Blais

April 12th - Fred Woodard Trio

April 19th - ILYAIMY (from VA)

April 26th - TBA


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i've been wondering about this for a while

where is the transmitter for the station? i've actually tried to tune into the station sometimes when i'm hanging out, and it never ever comes in. that's pretty sad considering i live less than 2 miles away from it. i very very faintly get the fox from worcester, but its horribly staticy

what's our broadcast radius?

haha not to be incredibly negative, the webcast is fine, i just like using my radio sometimes.
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party tonight

you guys probably already got this via email, but

Hey Wonderful Staff Members,
I just wanted to let all of you know that we are having a staff party on
Wednesday at The Stein. It's from 9-11 with free food and music of course!
To attend you must be an active staff member which basically means you're up
to date with your co-op whether or not you have a show. I hope to see you
all there and it will be a great time!

ps-i have the tape of interviews. its not very intimidating, but its my first piece this year. so i don't think its too horrible.
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My apologies if this ended up on your friends list three times.

get the word out! we're looking for competitors! this Sunday! costs nothing! win prizes! more info here.

We've worked really really hard setting this up... it's gonna be a blast and you should come. We're still looking for people to compete, too- just email with your name (and, if you like, some info about yourself). It's free to battle and a winner plus 2 runners-up will get fabulous prizes (including CASH and equipment and free airtime).

It's at the Paradise (Comm. Av near BU, across from T. Anthony and all the muffler and tire places). This Sunday.

Please tell your friends, even if you're not personally interested.

Brandeis folks: You can probably get a ride down there with us, and we'd be glad to have any help you could offer. Email me or
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quack quack

I would just like to say I finished the promo i filmed sunday. its sad. i have an hour or so of footage and i had to cut it down to like 5 minutes. But, when it goes live, i'll drop off a tape of it.
uh. oh one last thing

what's jen's last name/position? everybody else I interviewed directts something.. she's entertainment maybe? but what's her last name?
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i was just curious. i asked julie last night. does wbrs do a halloween party? haha i'm planning out my costume and i think it would suck to only wear it twice. so

do we do a halloween party? or do we spud one?

btw- I'm going as M. Bison from street fighter!

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